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The changes text on this page is identical to the one that appeared in the game. Please do not change it.

Scuba has gone through several version. This page lists those versions, their release dates and the updates that each version included.


Version Date
v1.1 2011/08/11




  • New item click functions + reminder on the inventory
  • New item selection option to create blocks or use the laser. No more stupid hotkeys! :D
  • Buildings are no longer pickable when you destroy them. Instead, you get the ressources from them. Except for the lantern.
  • You now jump higher with the boots (enough to jump two tiles at level 1)
  • Fixed character equipment dissapearing when loading a game
  • Fixed last two lasers recipes
  • Tweaked mineral spawning to be easier to reach in beginning of the game
  • Made lantern easier to craft
  • Added energy stones
  • Raised the chance of mushroom to appear at world creation
  • Raised the chance of stone to appear at world creation
  • Fixed a bug preventing you to craft at the crafting station
  • You can now stack lanterns in the inventory
  • Remastered tutorial to fit with new item selection and buildings selection
  • Added play more games button on the pause menu
  • Added version number (v1.1)
  • Inventory no longer opens when you die
  • Recipe for laser 4 now needs a laser 3 instead of a laser 2
  • Equipment is applying when you load (you had to re-equip it)
  • Deep water creatures drop more loot
  • Level 1 items that needed iron now need coal
  • Monsters can no longer hurt you during death animation
  • Crafting the level air tank will now correctly remove all materials from the recipe (as planned)