Items can be obtained through crafting and/ or mining, which is done using the Laser. The most basic item is the Dirt, which can only be obtained by mining and not through crafting. The most advanced item is the Motor, which is needed to finish the game.

Equipment cannot be mined, but only obtained using crafting.

List of ItemsEdit

Item handlingEdit

The items' inventory contains 55 slots in a 11×5 board. The items can be moved and handeled in the following way:

  • Moving an item or a cluster of items is done by clicking it.
  • 2 items or more from the same sort can be stacked into a cluster by pressing a cluster or an item in order to select it, and then pressing another item or a cluster of items from the same sort.
  • A cluster cannot havemore than 64 items.
  • By stacking a group of items that their total amount is greater than 64, it will result a cluster of 64 items and an extra group with the remaining items.
  • In order to extract an item from a cluster, hold down Shift and then click a cluster. Keep clicking for extracting more items.


  • The maximum amount of items that the inventory can contain is 3520.

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